Noahs Ark Bayou Sanctuary Adoption Contract

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N.A.B.S. ADOPTION CONTRACT: Once your adoption application has been approved, you will be asked to submit this adoption contract for the pet you are adopting.

I agree to provide a safe, permanent, loving home for this animal 
I agree to accept full responsibility for the emotional, behavioral, physical, and financial needs of my new pet for its entire lifetime. 
I agree that if this pet becomes ill, I will seek veterinary advice and services. I can afford to do so if necessary. 
I agree to provide adequate food, water, shelter, fencing, training, love, and attention that fits the individual needs of this animal. 
I agree that if I cannot keep this animal for any reason, I will return the animal to N. A. B. S. 
I agree that the animal will never be sold, given away, abandoned, abused, or used for medical experimentation . 
I agree this pet will never be relinquished to an animal shelter/animal control facility. 
I agree to obey all animal laws and to provide all necessary vaccinations and preventative medications recommended by my veterinarian. 
I understand and agree that all dogs are adopted as indoor/outdoor companions. 
I understand and agree that each adoption is a permanent placement. 
I understand and agree that there will be no refund of the adoption donation. 

If it is decided to return this pet for illness or temperament reasons, N. A. B. S. Board of Directors will have the discretion to make any and all exceptions and/or decisions regarding an exchange or replacement of adopted pet.

I understand that failure to abide by the terms of this contract or to knowingly give false information is a material breach of this agreement. 

In the event of such a breach, I agree to pay N.A.B.S. the sum of $150.00 as liquidated damages. This liquidated damage value is agreed to for the purpose of establishing the value of the animal.

I also authorize N.A.B.S. to reclaim the animal without further due process of law. I agree to be fully responsible for any and all legal fees incurred regarding reclamation of the animal.

I agree to be fully responsible for any and all veterinarian expense incurred as a result of the care received while the animal was in my custody in addition thereto.

This contract supersedes any and all other contracts made in effect regarding this pet adoption. I agree that N.A.B.S. is released from any further responsibility and/or liability by my signature and agreement to this contract for this animal.