Click here for detailed directions on how to proceed with online dual registrations with the AKKPS.

Note: If you are using a Mobile or Tablet device, please click here for the Mobile version of this form.

Only fill in your address if your mailing address does not appear on your pigs paperwork. If it is on the existing paperwork, we can get it off of there and you do not need to include it on this form each time.

Please attach a scanned copy of the pigs registration paperwork (from the other issuing registry) that you are dual registering with the AKKPS.

Most registries currently print two sides to their registration certificates. Please use the Registration Paperwork upload for the scanned copy of the official registration document. Use the Pedigree upload for a scanned copy of the Pedigree.

We will need a copy of both (the official registration paperwork and the pedigree) to issue AKKPS paperwork. If you have both included in one file to send, please just attach the same file to both of the upload boxes.

Is this KuneKune Belted, Banded or High Percentage White?