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I was satisfied with the quality of services and events offered by TRiO/SSS.
The TRiO/SSS staff were courteous and approachable. I felt they were willing to help me whenever I needed them.
Please check all of the TRiO/SSS program services you utilized this academic school year.
Tutoring you received this academic year was: (check all that apply)
If you will be enrolled this summer, will you come in for services? 
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TRiO Tutor Section

Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation form. The information you provide will be used to recognize outstanding tutors and to aid us in identifying areas needing improvement. Thank you for completing this form. Remember, your evaluation is confidential so please be very honest.

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I received tutoring from other tutoring services on campus or from another student 
The tutor was available during his/her scheduled time
I met with this tutor often
The tutor was friendly and eager to help
The tutor was knowledgeable about the material being covered
The tutor listened to my questions and helped me understand the material
The tutor answered questions clearly and carefully
The tutor encouraged good study habits
The tutor made it easier for me to continue to work on my own
My performance improved as a result of tutoring
I would like to work with this tutor(s) again and I would recommend this tutor(s) to other students