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Please complete this form and please note that you should enter ALL living piglets (Entire Litter) on a litter notification. Also group all males and all females together.

Acknowledgement - Please group all males together and all females together. Did you do this? 
Both parents must be AKKPS registered in order to do a litter notification and register piglets with AKKPS.

Both parents must be showing in the Herd Book. The dam must be owned by you and showing as such in the herd book..

If both parents are not AKKPS registered yet, please visit our dual registration form by clicking here
If this is your first litter notification for prefix please enter NEW. If you have already completed a prior litter notification please check your member profile on the AKKPS website, as it is in there for your convenience.
Are any piglets Belted, Banded or High Percentage White? 

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