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Do you have any credit, criminal, or driving offenses? 
May We Conduct a criminal background check on you? 
Do you have reliable transportation and insurance on said transportation? 
Do you own a smart phone with a data plan? 
Do you have any physical limitations that would hinder your performance in the position applied for? 
Do you own any pets? 
Do you have another job/source of income? 
May I contact the above employers for a reference? 

This job requires that you work all holidays. Do you understand? 
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Are you available for at least six months to work on an ongoing basis with Uptown Girls Pet Services? 
Have you done any pet care in the past? 
Please check what animals you feel comfortable and/or have experience caring for:
Are you comfortable walking/pet sitting for all sizes of pets? 

Thank you again for your interest in working with us!

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