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All players born in 2008 (U-11 players) and up must attach:

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Note that head coach's child on that team he/she is coaching plays for free.

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2018-2019 Season Placement

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CCB Refund Policy

Refunds of registration fees, excluding late fees unless otherwise specified, will be issued in accordance with the following guidelines:
A. Medical Refund. A full refund, including any late fee, will be issued if a player is unable to participate for medical reasons for the whole season. In case the refund is requested during the season the CCB refund committee will decide the amount of refund amount the player is eligible for. To qualify for a medical refund, a note from a physician stating that the player should not participate in soccer must be submitted with the refund request.
B. Placement Failure Refund. A full refund, including any late fee, will be issued if the Club is unable to place the player on a team. Placement Failure Refunds result when a player is unable to participate in Club sponsored soccer due to a lack of available space.
C. Withdrawal Refund. Withdrawal Refunds must be requested before April 15, 2018, Inclusive and a refund of the registration fee less a $50 administrative fee will be issued.
The refund request will only be met if none of the following terms and conditions are met:
1. Refund request is past the deadline.
2. Player has already been placed on a select team.
3. Refund request is missing information as requested.  
Refund requests must be submitted via the online form available on the club website.
The refund request form shall be filled out completely and is available on the club website as well at the club house.


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