The accreditation sub-committee meets occasionally to review applications for accredited members. The application form below can be submitted at any time, but may not be reviewed until the next sub-committee meeting.

Payment should be made before submitting the application - note that payment is non-refundable should your application not be approved. This includes the case of those members who do not meet the basic criterion of being a current, full member who has been a financial, full member for at least the past five years (continuously).

Payment can be made via this link.
3. Are you currently a FULL member of the ASSG? 
4. Have you been a FULL member of the ASSG for at least the past five years? 
5. Have you been a FINANCIAL member of the ASSG for at least the past five years (continuously)? 
Note: If you cannot answer YES to the above, you should not complete the rest of the application. If you submit an application and one of the above is not correct, your application fee will not be refunded.
6. Below, please upload a short statement outlining how you meet the key criteria of accreditation, including:
• That your work has been at a senior professional level for the past five years (giving examples of jobs/credits)
• That your work has been at a consistently high quality and professional standard
• That you have contributed to the screen sound industry through leadership and/or the promotion of your craft
8. Would you be willing to act as a mentor to others working in the screen sound industry?