2018 Nitartha Summer Institute - Buddhist Studies (Shedra) Program

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Payment Plan and Financial Assistance (PPFA)

Nitartha Insitute provides payment plan and financial assistance (PPFA) option to students with financial difficulties. Please note that PPFA is applicable on tuition only, not meal or housing.
Please click here to learn more about and apply for PPFA.

Choose Program Session(s)

Shedra Session 1 (14 days)
July 6 (Friday) – July 19 (Thursday)
Housing Check in: July 6 (1-5pm)
Housing Check out: July 20 (Before 11am)

Shedra Session 2 (14 days)
July 21 (Saturday) – August 3 (Friday)
Housing Check in: July 20 (3-5pm)
Housing Check out: Aug 4 (Before 11am)

If you are a Nalandabodhi member and are interested in attending a Nalandabodhi PI Training during module 3: 7/26-8/4 ( for more info, please see our wesbite), please apply here. After your are accepted to the PI training, you will pay for tuition, housing, meals for Module 3 PI Training on a different registration form.
Please continue on this page to finish your regular Shedra registration.

If you are planning to apply or have applied for PPFA (Payment Plan and Financial Assistance), please select 'PPFA/Pay Later' for the portion you would like to defer payment. The registrar will contact you and send you an invoice.

Note: Dining Dollars cannot be used in the cafeteria. It is for purchase at WWU's market place only.

Special Diet & Food Allergies (Please check all that apply)

DPR Tantra Teachings

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche will be teaching a Sutra class which is open to all students called DISTINGUISHING THE VIEWS AND PHILOSOPHIES: A LAMP OF ESSENTIAL POINTS.

Rinpoche will also be teaching a Tantra course on LUMINOUS ESSENCE: THE TANTRA OF THE SECRET ESSENCE this summer. This Tantra course is restricted to qualified students only. Please click here for qualification details.

Mindful Activity Assignments

All able-bodied participants are kindly requested to adopt a small Mindful Activity (MA) assignment for the duration of their stay at Nitartha Summer Institute. The Summer Institute needs your support to keep the learning/practice environment clean and peaceful.
Here are some of our Mindful Activities:
1. Shrine Room Upkeep
2. Gatekeeper
3. Water Service
4. Umdze
5. Shrine & Stage Care
6. Safety & Security
7. Community
8. VIP Care
9. Classroom Upkeep
10. Admin & Operations Support
11. Sangha Health & Wellness
12. Driver/Gofer
13. AV
14. Escorts

Moodle Online Access

If you are planning to attend ONLY one session on-site, you can opt for Moodle Online Access, in order to complete the entire cycle of teachings for DPR's Sutra Class*, DISTINGUISHING THE VIEWS AND PHILOSOPHIES: A LAMP OF ESSENTIAL POINTS. You can log in to view the teaching when you have time. No limited viewing time set.

No online viewing or catch-up options for DPR’s Tantra class.

Supplementary Questions

Liability Release

1. Release of Liability
2. Lujong Agreement
3. Appearance Release
4. Ethics Policy


Teaching Gifts: Most of Nitartha's faculty members teach on a voluntary basis. Your teaching gift will support our teachers to continue their dedication to the Buddhist teachings. We encourage you to give any amount you feel inspired to. Suggested amount: $100-200 each session.

PPFA Donations: PPFA (Payment Plan & Financial Assistance Fund) is Nitartha's financial-aid program for students with financial difficulties. Your donation will support other students to attend Nitartha's programs.

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