St. Joseph Academy Band Enrollment 2019

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Grades 1 and 2 may choose from: Piano, Guitar and Xylophone
Grades 3-8 may continue Piano, Guitar or Xylophone, but may also study:

If you have more than 1 student, please use the next 2 sections to enter their information. If not, please skip to the Lesson Times and Dismissal options.

Please note: Genesis classes for grades 1 and 2 are offered right after school. Cadet, intermediate and Advanced classes for grades 3-8 are offered (1). During the school day, (2). After School -or- (3). Students may take both During and After school classes

Lesson Times and Dismmisal Options

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After School Dissmisal Preference 

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Program Tuition Options

Instrumental music classes are not subsidized in any way by the school. We are required to charge tuition to sustain the program. This will cover a minimum of 30 lessons throughout the school year (We use 30 lessons as a target in order to account for weeks in the year that are cancelled for - teacher illness, snow days, half days and holidays)
Tuition is for teaching services only
• Instruments can be purchased or rented (Information on the programs website)
• Should there be a need to cancel your program, unused tuition will be refunded (calculated from the date the administrator is notified by a parent - Note Deadline for cancelling full year tuition is February 15th. After this date, full year payments can not be prorated)

Tuition is 9 Installments of $69 (.99 added for Music books). A discount of $13 per installment is used for the 2nd student and there is no charge for the 3rd student (per family)
A further savings of $85 is included should you choose to send just 1 full year payment. ($545 discounted total for Classes plus Music Books)
2 Or more students receive an additional $190 savings for 1 full year payment ($945 includes Classes and Music books)

Band tuition in 9 Installments (Includes Music Book) 
Discounted tuition - One annual payment 

Please note:
• Tuition in 9 installments is not for 9 even months - (it covers 30 lessons divided over the course of the school year).
• Choosing 1 full year payment is discounted (100.00 for 1 student and 200.00 for 2 or more)
• Discounts are built in for the 2nd student and the 3rd (or more) is not charged.
• There are brand new Lesson books this year – if your child has been playing for more than 2 years, Band music will be provided instead of a lesson book.

Note: I will not receive this form unless you complete the payment (when prompted to proceed to payment) - I will not know you have begun this process)

PLEASE CONTACT ME should you need to address any issues - I will do all that I can to assist!
Use this contact me link for questions or issues (I will get it even if you do not finish this form)

Ed Kelly
Program Administrator