Holy Spirit School Discounted Band Enrollment 2019

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We have decided to assist more students to participate in this program. We are therefore offering a partial scholarship to everyone at Holy Spirit School. As program administrator, I am donating my portion of the tuition back to the program and lowering the tuition from $69 per month down to $49. the discounted payment for a full year was $520 but will now become $380

Student Information

Grades 1 and 2 may choose from: Piano, Guitar and Xylophone
Grades 3-8 may continue Piano, Guitar or Xylophone, but may also study:

If you have more than 1 student, please use the next 2 sections to enter their information. If not, please skip to the Lesson Times and Dismissal options.

Lesson Times and Dismmisal Options

**Please note: All Band Classes happen afterschool each Thursday. Students may attend a homework room while waiting for class to begin (if they are not scheduled right after school) Students may also be dropped off from home. Please be sure to choose the proper dismissal option

Parent Information

Program Tuition Options

Instrumental music classes are not subsidized in any way by the school. We are required to charge tuition to sustain the program. This will cover a minimum of 30 lessons throughout the school year (We use 30 lessons as a target in order to account for weeks in the year that are cancelled for - teacher illness, snow days, half days and holidays)
Tuition is for teaching services only
• Instruments can be purchased or rented (Information on the programs website)
• Should there be a need to cancel your program, unused tuition will be refunded (calculated from the date the administrator is notified by a parent - Note Deadline for cancelling full year tuition is February 15th. After this date, full year payments can not be prorated)

Tuition Choice and Lesson Book (Credit or Debit Card) 

Please note:
• Tuition in 9 installments is not for 9 even months - (it covers 30 lessons divided over the course of the school year).
• Choosing 1 full year payment is discounted (100.00 for 1 student and 200.00 for 2 or more)
• Discounts are built in for the 2nd student and the 3rd (or more) is not charged.
• There are brand new Lesson books this year – if your child has been playing for more than 2 years, Band music will be provided instead of a lesson book.

Lesson Book for Student 1 
Lesson Book for Student 2 (Additional students will be included)

PLEASE CONTACT ME should you need to address any issues - I will do all that I can to assist!
Use this contact me link for questions or issues (I will get it even if you do not finish this form)

Ed Kelly
Program Administrator