2024 Grand Assembly Ritual Competition

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The 1st Round Competition will be held on February 3rd at Grand Officers' Day. Please fill out all required sections of this form. If you have questions, please contact Mom Merriman at simerriman@comcast.net

Level Eligibility
January 2023- May/June 2023

Supreme Ritualist: Any Active Rainbow Girl
Grand Ritualist: All Worthy Advisors or Past Worthy Advisors start here or higher
Worthy Ritualist: Elected Line Officers start here or higher
Floor Ritualist: Chaplain starts here or higher
Bow Ritualist: Recorder, Treasurer, Drill Leader & Bow Officers start here or higher

Ritual Requirements

Supreme Ritualist: Initiation: All Seven Bow Stations
Blue Ritual: pg 62-73 White Ritual (2005): pg 58-69 Comtemp Ritual: pg 48-55
*Beginning: Sister of Faith "Sister of Love..."
Ending: Sister of Service "Take then this color..." (just the Bow Lectures are required)

Grand Ritualist: Initiation: Obligation at the Altar and WA speech at the Altar following the prayer
See The Book of Traditional Instructions for the Obligation
Blue Ritual: pg 59 White Ritual (2007): pg 55-56 Comtemp Ritual: pg 45-46
Beginning: "On the Altar..." / Ending: "...in the firmament"
Also explain the meaning of 3 out of 5 Line Officer jewels per Installation Ritual. The judges will decide which three you will need to explain.

Worthy Ritualist: Initiation lectures of: Charity OR Faith
Charity: Blue Ritual: pg 78-81 White Ritual (2007): pg 74-77 Comtemp Ritual: pg 59-61
Beginning: "My sister(s), we now..." / Ending: "...of our Order"
Faith: Blue Ritual: pg 75 & 76-77 White Ritual (2007): pg 71 & 72-73 Comtemp Ritual: pg 56 & 57
**Beginning: "I saw..." / Ending: "...that spake" and
Beginning: "And I saw..." / Ending: "...honor into it."**
Also answers to the questions in The Book of Traditional Instructions.

Floor Ritualist: Chaplain's Opening & Initiation prayers
Opening: Blue Ritual: pg 41 White Ritual (2007): pg 38-39 Comtemp Ritual: pg 31
Beginning: "Our Father..." / Ending: "...Amen"
Initiation: Blue Ritual: pg 57-58 White Ritual (2007): pg 54-55 Comtemp Ritual: pg 44-45
Beginning: "Our Father..." / Ending: "...Amen"

Bow Ritualist: Initiation lecture for one Rainbow Color Station to be chosen by the girl
Beginning: "My sister..." / Ending: "...lay it thereon."

The 2024 Grand Assembly Ritual Competition will be held the weekend of June 28-30, 2024 at Nichols College in Dudley, MA.