Thank you for entering the 2018 ASSG Awards.

Please note you must be a financial member of the ASSG in order to submit a valid entry.

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Before submitting an entry please read our Entry Guidelines.

The ASSG will use the spelling of names as listed on the entry form for any press releases, nomination certificates, trophies or any other correspondence related to the ASSG Awards. Please make sure your spelling is accurate.

This entry form will time out after one hour but you will receive a warning message and countdown 20 minutes before the form expires. If you think you need more than one hour, you may want to prepare your entry offline and then cut and paste the relevant details into the entry form.

Contact us if you don't know your membership number.

FEATURE FILMS (Not including Documentaries)

Please note that all feature film sub categories are included in the Best Sound for a Feature Film option.

If you are entering a feature film please contact your DCP authorising agent, before you submit an entry to make sure the ASSG will be able to screen your entry DCP up to 3 times for judging purposes.

Our first round of judging for feature films will now be done by a panel who will focus on ONE 20 minute section or TWO 10 minute sections of your film as determined by you.

Note: We still require a complete DCP as the second round of judging will be of the entire film, not just the specified sections.


We now only accept entries for ALL categories (except Feature Films - non-documentary) via Media Room. They must be H264 files.

Please keep the file sizes to a minimum. Remember, we are judging the SOUND, not the VISION.

Audio must be Stereo or LtRt to allow our judges to stream your project. If you wish to provide a 5.1 or 7.1 mix, we request you upload this separately and only as audio .wav files (interleaved or multiple mono).

The ASSG encourages you to watermark your projects.

The ASSG only accepts one entry per programme. Please do not submit an entry if you are not able to submit all relevant information accurately. If in doubt consult with your Sound Designer/Supervisor or equivalent (or ask us).


This form accommodates 15 crew names. If your entered project has more than 15 crew members please send a list of all additional names to awards@assg.org.au.

Please note that the order in which you enter crew names will be the order in which names will appear in nomination lists, on trophies, press releases etc.

Please include all relevant crew members, this can include: Location Recordists, Boom Swingers, Playback Operators, FX Recordists, Dialogue Editors, FX Editors, ADR Editors, Music Editors, Foley Artists, Foley Editors, Dubbing (Re-Recording) Mixers, Scoring Engineers, ADR Engineers, Foley Engineers, Audio Directors, Boom Operators (Studio and Outside Broadcast), etc.

Crew members involved and their roles:

Please be as specific as possible

Qualifying VOD / SVOD Platforms:
-Bigpond Movies
-Dendy Direct
-Fetch TV
-YouTube Red
-If other please specify (e.g. for a Multimedia project this may have just been shared online)

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