Calvary Trial Class Enrollment 2018

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Grades 1 and 2 may choose from: Piano, Guitar and Xylophone
Grades 3-12 may continue Piano, Guitar or Xylophone, but may also study:

Signing up for a particular instrument does not lock you into that choice. Students will be given an opportunity to try another instrument (If not in this class - in next week's class)

If you have more than 1 student, please use the next 2 sections to enter their information. If not, please skip to the Lesson Times and Dismissal options.

Lesson Times and Dismmisal Options

Please note: The first week classes are Wednesday only. Once we determine the needs of the participants, we will design a schedule to fit for all. Classes will be during school, after school (or both if you wish)

Wednesday September 12th:
Genesis classes for grades 1 and 2 is at 1:00.
Cadet class for beginners (Grades 3-6) is at 1:30 intermediate and Advanced classes for (Grades 3-6) is at 2:00
Cadet Classes for Beginner (Grades 7-12) is at 2:45 (this 1st week)
Advanced Class (students with 3 or more years experience) is at 3:20 (this 1st week)

A new schedule will be posted and emailed to everyone for the 2nd class by 9/15

Lessons will be primarily during the school day. There is however, the option for a class after school if needed for a make up session, extra time or if you simply can not make class during school.

Parent Information

PLEASE CONTACT ME should you need to address any issues - I will do all that I can to assist!

Ed Kelly
Program Administrator

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