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To register your child for JHKA's 2nd OPEN Championships, Please complete sections in full, there are limited spaces available.

Saturday 2nd May 2020 - 2pm start
Noak Hill Sports Complex, Noak Hill Road, Romford, Essex, RM3 7YA

List of Events
Event 1 4-6 Years Kata (All grades)
Event 2 4-6 Years Kumite (All grades)
Event 3 4-6 Years Slam-Man (All grades)
Event 4 7-9 Years Kata (All grades)
Event 5 7-9 Years Kumite (Beginner - Yellow Belt)
Event 5a 7-9 Years Kumite (Orange Belt & above)
Event 6 7-9 Years Slam-man (All grades)
Event 7 10-15 Years Kata (All grades)
Event 8B 10-12 Years Kumite (Boys)
Event 8G 10-12 Years Kumite (Girls)
Event 9 10-15 Years Slam-man (Boys/Girls ) Mixed grades
Event 10 13-15 Years Kumite (Boys)
Event 11 13-15 Years Kumite (Girls)

Early Bird Discount: £25 if registered and paid by 10th April 2020 (£30 if registered or paid from 11th April 2020)

What events would you like to register for? 

The competitor realises and discharges the organiser and their representatives or agents and all other competitors from all claims that the competitor or their personal representative may have for any injury (however caused) sustained by the competitor and for the loss or damage (however caused) to their personal belongings suffered at any time during the course of the championships or while on the premises at which the championships are being held.

I Also agree to abide by the Competition rules of the competition as set down by JHKA.

I confirm that the named registered for this event hold a valid and up-to-date licence held by JHKA.

Once form is submitted, please bring payment along to your next lesson in an envelope. Payment must be made within 7 days in order to complete your Childs registration to the event. Cheques are no longer accepted.

This fee will increase to £30 when the early registration period is finished.