21-22 Grand Officer/Representative Applications

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To apply to be a Grand Officer/Representative, please complete all required sections of this form and upload any attachments that apply to your application. If you have any questions, please contact Mom Torrey at supremeinspector@massiorg.org. APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 15, 2021 ARE SUBJECT TO REFUSAL.

If during the Grand Year, you will be turning 20 years of age and wish to extend your membership until the age of 21, you must include a letter with your application detailing why you wish to extend your membership and how you will continue to be an active member.

Please check all offices held: 

Those applying for GRAND REPRESENTATIVE, please continue here.

Please include a letter why you wish to be a Grand Representative and a list of six states/regions you might like to represent. (You may only include 1 New England state in the total list). Please explain if there is a special reason to request the State desired. For a list of jurisdictions, please visit https://www.massiorg.org/grand-assemblies-usa.

Please upload a note/letter to your counterpart introducing yourself. This should not be the same as the letter above. Including your contact information. Be creative, consider what you might want to learn from your counterpart and share your highlights. Be sure to include contact information for them to write back!

Those applying for GRAND OFFICER, please continue here.

Girls trying out for any of these offices will also participate in the regular tryout.

Please attach the "What Rainbow Means to Me" portion of your WA report from your most recent term as WA. Include name, term and Assembly at the bottom of the report. (Current Worthy Advisors should attach a list of plans for their term and a summary of what Rainbow means to them).

Medical / Photo Release Form submitted online?