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These 2-hour sessions will give pitchers the opportunity to work on specific areas of her game. Mechanics; Speed & Power; Targets and Pitch Development (Change-ups & Movement Spins). Sign-up to attend one session OR make a day of it and attend multiple sessions! These sessions are open to pitchers in 3rd-12th grades (fall 2019). Catchers are NOT needed for any of the mini-camps.

Mechanics – Breakdown of arm circle, wrist snap, fastball spin, glove arm position, footwork, concept of a power line, & leg drive. This session will give pitchers a variety of drills to help create correct muscle memory.

Speed & Power – Over/undersized balls, distance pitching, loading drills, circuits, core strengthening exercises, and harness work will be covered. Athletes will leave with several things to use during workouts to help build strength and velocity.

Targets/Competitive Games – Learn basic concepts of controlling the ball and many ways to work on improving accuracy. This session also includes some competitive drills that will teach what it feels like to have to hit a target in a game-like situation.

Pitch Development – Learn 3 types of change-ups and drills to teach correct drop, rise and curve ball spin.

Dates & Locations:

Tuesday, June 25th - Ames, IA at 3T's All-Star Sports Academy
Tuesday, July 9th - Tullahoma, TN at Motlow State Community College

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Please select all sessions you are interested in attending. Once a session is filled to capacity, you will no longer be able choose it in the drop down boxes below. 1 session costs: $60, 2 sessions: $110, 3 session: $155, 4 sessions $200. You will be prompted to pay for the total number of sessions you select at the end of the registration form. June 25th sessions will be held at 3T's All Star Sports Academy, 57044 241st St, Ames, IA 50010 and July 9th sessions will be held at the Motlow State Community College softball field, 6015 Ledford Mill Rd, Tullahoma, TN 37388

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Now that you have completed this form, make sure to follow the link to submit your payment as prompted. If you don't submit payment, your form will NOT be sent to me (even though it says "form submitted successfully") and you will have to complete the entire form all over again! You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal as soon as your payment is submitted. This is your confirmation that your registration form was received.

No refunds will be given once payment is made/confirmed in camp. If something causes you to be unable to attend, you will be given a credit to use towards another training opportunity with BreakThrew Fastpitch. An email with specific details on what to bring, directions to the training location, check-in time and other relevant information will be sent 7-10 days prior to the session you are registered to attend. I am VERY excited to get to be a part of your daughter's training this summer. I appreciate you giving my staff and I the opportunity to work with her! I'll be in touch with more information soon.

Myndie Berka
BreakThrew Fastpitch Owner/Instructor