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Summer is a perfect time to take individual lessons on your instrument. Focused attention will support skills learned during school. It is also a good time to begin a new instrument..... (30 Minute, Individual Lessons are $30ea.)

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Everyone (Teachers included) have different abilities and knowledge of the various communication options available.

Please choose the options that suit you best. Teachers will then try to accommodate or give some details on a preferred option used by them.

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There is no way to give a definitive schedule program wide. Please give a few options but also please realize that we will do all we can to meet one of these options but may suggest alternatives

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You may be asked to send recordings of your practice sessions. This will help your teacher target specific areas to work on in your lesson.

Also, you may be sent backing tracks and videos to practice with. If you have the ability to play these in the background you may be asked to do so during your lesson (on a different device than the one used to take your lesson)

Tuition for Individual lessons (30 minutes each)