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  1. In order to accumulate year-end points, the rider, owner, horse/pony, AND trainer must be active members. The show year is December 1 through November 30.
  2. Horses/ponies accumulate points in hunter and jumper classes. Riders accumulate points in equitation classes.
  3. Horses/ponies with an annual registration must re-register each year. Annual registration is $15 and lifetime registration is $45.
  4. To ensure that points count in the Pony Hunter division, the GHHJA membership/points secretary must have a copy of the pony's USEF or GHHJA measurement card no later than November 1st of the current show year.
  5. Membership entitles you to compete for year-end awards and receive notification of GHHJA shows, meetings and newsletters.
  6. Sale of a horse or pony must be reported to GHHJA, and the transfer fee of $5 must be paid before points are transferred to the new owner. The name may be changed at the same time at no additional charge.

Type of Membership

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Horse/Pony Information

Small ponies are 12.2h and under
Medium ponies are over 12.2h to 13.2h
Large ponies are over 13.2h to 14.2h
Does your horse or pony have a USEF measurement card?

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