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After a truly Wonderful April Showcase series, Fundamental Music is scheduling another series for May during the week of May 19th.

This Virtual Talent show is meant to be a stress free opportunity to share your talents with your classmates.

If you would like to share an instrument that is not generally a part of our Fundamental Music Classes, you may sign up on an additional form (meaning - submit 2 forms please). The first form should be the instrument you study with us.

Student Information

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Song Selection

We are forming this talent show for several reasons.
-A sense of community
-Motivation to practice
-An enjoyable way to share talents with us in a time of isolation
-A way to perform should there be no other opportunity this Spring

Performance - Will be the week of May 19

Please select your first and second choice for day and time

If we overflow on these, more sessions will be added (choices will need to be honored as first come first scheduled)

The performance order will be emailed to you

Please follow the link on the invitation to the Zoom session that will be emailed to you and arrive promptly at 11:00, 1:00 or 3:00 on the day of your performance

You will be muted until we announce your performance

Please stay for the entire performance so we can all clap for each other (a virtual clap using the reaction icons available)

We suggest you use gallery view when arriving so you can see everything in a grid (you can turn your camera off if you prefer to just be heard without being seen

First Choice:
Second Choice:

Please only enter a time below if you absolutely can’t make one of the sessions listed - I will do my best to accommodate you