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Photo/Video Release

Video: Due to insurance safety measures put in place at the peak of Covid-19, we are required to record our classes, workshops, private lessons and online performances where children are present. The video's will NOT be used for commercial or marketing purposes. They are strictly a safety measure put in place through our insurance policy.

Photos: Occasionally we do a screen shot of the class in motion. These images will be used for marketing and on social media platforms. We will mask the photograph of those that wish to NOT have their child appear in the photo. Should we be able to host our Festival of Magic Performance in December, where all magic students will perform, there will be photographs taken of the students at the event. These photo's will also be used for social media and marketing purposes.

Registration Options 

Please Note:

All classes come with the materials, tools and tricks needed for each student. It is theirs to keep to begin their personal magic kit.

Each student is provided with a Dacosta Magic Bag to keep all their magic safe in one place.

All students in specialty magic classes (Prop & Close Up) as well as the magic troupes will receive an 11x16 Performers Mat upon their arrival to the class.

One week prior to class students and parents will receive an email with the class schedule, teacher info, and Zoom link.

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Once we receive this registration form we will send you an invoice with payment details. You may pay for the class via credit card or email transfer. This will be indicated on the invoice that will be emailed to you. Payments can be processed, via credit card, directly through the invoice, securely and safely.

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