Terms and Conditions

Your first payment covers you for the first month.

Future payments must be made by Direct Debit and to arrive in our bank account on the 1st of each month.

The payment plan allows you to train at any Forza Karate Club in on the club list on the website

You agree to give 1 month PAID notice should you wish to cancel once an email has been sent to the instructor. (sensei.everitt@forzakarate.co.uk)

Please note - we do not accept payment breaks.

No refunds will be issued for what ever reason.

Should any physical classes be cancelled due to hall booking errors, emergency cancellation, illness or pandemic, you accept that online classes will be put in place by us and will be attended until normal classes resumes.

Should any of the above rules be not followed, we will cancel your membership.

Any classes missed by a student under the age of 18, the parent / guardian must contact the club instructor before class by phone / text or email.