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Please use this Form to contact the registrar with specific questions related to a registration already submitted. General questions of how to...should be sent your director.

The registrar is available to answer ONLY specific questions regarding A REGISTRATION ITEM CURRENTLY IN HOUSE BEING PROCESSED.

1.*Online Herd Book Log in -

2. Website issues -

3. How to...Instructions on registration process - Contact your director

4. Color change (done during the piglet registration form only)

5. Wattles change (done during the piglet registration form only)

6. Sire or Dam changed (changed at time of piglet registration)

7. Sex change on a piglet (only done during the piglet registration process)

8. Lost or misplaced registration -
Please allow 4 weeks from the date you entered online before sending an inquiry. If you did by mail allow 5 weeks which is 4 weeks processing time and 1 week for the mail.
Does your question pertain to a registration item currently in house or one that has been in house?
Have you check the herd book? 
ONLY Reason for contact - See Director for anything else 
Did you submit your registration online or by mail