GHHJA 2022 Horse Show Application

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  • Application must be received by SUNDAY OCTOBER 31, 2021. No exceptions!
  • Application must be accompanied by $100 for each show date requested.
  • Applicant will receive a $50 refund for each show date if no fines are incurred.
  • No exceptions will be made for any applicant
  • All fields must be filled in.
  • The weekend of November 26-27, 2022 is NOT available - that weekend is reserved for the GHHJA Year-End "Finish Line" Horse Show, sponsored by GHHJA
The Horse Show Committee will draft the 2022 calendar, with the GHHJA Board deciding the final calendar. All applications will be reviewed, but no applicants are guaranteed dates. In cases of conflict between applicants for specific dates, priority will be given to the applicant that had a show on that date in 2020. In the case of an open date, decision will be made on first application received.

All applicants and managers must be available on the show grounds at all times during his/her show, any NEW SHOW APPLICANTS must attend the Show Manager’s Seminar which will be held on Monday, January 3, 2021 at 7:00 p.m., location TBD.
*Please note that time and place are subject to change if necessary.


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Applicant must have been a GHHJA senior member, USEF and USHJA in 2020 and 2021, & must be in good standing with the GHHJA. To retain date, applicant & manager must renew GHHJA Memberships by January 1, 2022. The applicant must also be a current member in good standing of the USEF and USHJA as of January 1 of the show year in which the GHHJA recognized show will be held.

A copy of USEF & USHJA card must be submitted to Kim Morgan by January 1, 2022


Show will be held: 


Show will be held:

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