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FormSmarts Referral Program

Webmasters and web designers, make money by referring your visitors and customers to FormSmarts Pro!

How to Get Started

To start earning referral fees:
  1. Login to your FormSmarts account
  2. Get your personal referral URL in the Settings tab, under Referrals. We'll give you US$101 for each FormSmarts Pro account created2 using your referral URL, and US$151 after ten referrals within the same twelve months period3.

You can request the payment of your earnings as soon as your credit reaches4 US$30. We are at this time only able to pay by Paypal transfer.

  1. To qualify, a FormSmarts account must have been created by your visitor/customer (not by you), and must be upgraded to FormSmarts Pro within 7 days of the account creation date. No referral fee will be paid if the upgrade follows a policy violation.
  2. The 12 months period starts on the day of your first referral and is renewed every year at the same date.
  3. We reserve the right to alter the terms of, or discontinue FormSmarts Referral Program at any times without notice.

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