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Compliance with Web Standards

FormSmarts is dedicated to comply with established web standards and best practices. The following standards are currently supported.

StandardVersionCompliance Status
W3C HTML4.01 TransitionalFull
W3C CSSLevel 2Full
W3C P3P1.0Full
W3C WAIAssessment in progress

Browser Compatibility Assessment

FormSmarts aims at supporting all (X)HTML-capable browsers for the part of the website hosting customer forms (see example form). We present below a list of the browsers tested to date.

BrowserVersionCompliance Status
Internet Explorer5.0Ok
Mozilla & Seamonkey1.7.3Ok
Netscape Navigator4.5Ok
KonquerorNot tested yet
Nokia Cellphone BrowserNokia 2630/2.0Ok

Note that Ajax-based FormSmarts registration and forms administration both require JavaScript-support and cookies, and are not part of the compliance tests. All the browers listed allow a user to successfully submit a form.

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