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Complete the on-line licence application form. Don't forget a payment must be accompanied with the form. Please choose a child or Adult (18 yrs plus) licence

The following information should inform us of the person participating in the class.

BEFORE undertaking any exercise. You must give details in this box of any known medical condition (eg asthma). If there is no such medical condition, please write None in the box.

Parental Consent Form / Photography /Video

The parents/Guardian of the child licensing named above, hereby give Forza Karate Club / FKA permission to use any still and/or moving image being video footage,

Photographs and/or frames and/or audio footage depicting my/our Children named above for any of the following uses • Advertisements, marketing, leaflets, or any other use such as for training, educational or publicity purposes.

The above consents will apply throughout the world and be for an indefinite period. I agree to the terms as written on this form.

Once you confirm using the button below, you may need to scroll screen up and then submit form.