1. Definitions

For the purpose of this document, "we" and "the service" mean FormSmarts, an online form platform at https://FormSmarts.com operated by Syronex LLC.

FormSmarts offers both free and paid accounts. “Member” and “registered user” mean anyone who creates a FormSmarts account.

“Customer” and “client” mean anyone who purchases a paid subscription or signs up for a free trial for a paid subscription.

“Web site visitor” and “visitor” mean anyone accessing our website https://FormSmarts.com.

2. Data Collection

2.1 Data collected on behalf of a third party

As a service provider, FormSmarts stores and processes data submitted via online forms on behalf of our clients (including free trial customers). The information collected via web forms is intended to be handed over to our customers for their sole use, on which FormSmarts doesn't have any controls. Part of FormSmarts service involves abuse prevention, and we may therefore retain part or all of the data submitted in case of suspected abuse. In such a case, data may be held by us for analysis or review.

When supported by their service plan, customers may choose to collect and store form responses on FormSmarts for easier access and processing. In such a case, our client remains the sole recipient of the data. FormSmarts only acts as a technical service provider. As of March 17, 2017, data storage is enabled by default for all Business accounts.

With the exception of the fraud prevention case outlined in the first paragraph of this section, FormSmarts staff does not access collected data. We only disclose data to law enforcement organization when legally obliged to do so.

2.1.1 Email communications

This section outlines the types of email communications third parties may receive from FormSmarts and in which circumstances we may send such emails.

FormSmarts processes online forms on behalf of its registered users, most of whom collect the email address of the individuals completing their forms.

As part of processing form responses, FormSmarts may send a confirmation email to the email address provided on a form.

We also occasionally send a validation email for fraud prevention purposes.

In both cases, FormSmarts only uses the email address when the form is being submitted and does not re-use it.

We may send notification emails to third parties whose email address is associated with a FormSmarts account as outlined in Section 2.5.3. Besides our verification email asking for permission to add the email address to a FormSmarts account and form responses, such individuals may exceptionally receive an account management notice (account suspension or reactivation notice) regarding the account their email is associated with.

2.2 Data collected from all visitors

2.2.1 Data collected when browsing the website

We collect the following information:

  • Click-stream data
  • HTTP protocol elements
  • Access logs and search strings (if entered)
  • At the user's option, we may also collect cookies

This data is used, by ourselves and our agents, for the following purposes:

  • Web site and system administration
  • One-time tailoring
  • Anonymous user analysis
  • Anonymous user profiling and decision-making
  • Research and development

Cookies are used to track visitors to our site, so we can better understand what portions of our site best serve you.

2.2.2 Data volunteered by visitors

We collect the name and email address of those who communicate with us via email or web form and collect data volunteered by the visitor, such as inquiries and survey information.

2.2.3 Mailing list

FormSmarts has a FormSmarts Updates mailing list where we announce new features and publicize important updates to the online form platform. We do not subscribe registered users to the mailing list unless they opt-in. Members and web site visitors that opt-in have the ability to opt out of receiving further communications via a link in each message.

2.5 Data collected from registered users

2.5.1 Data collected on sign up

When a user signs up for our online form platform, we collect the following information:

  • Given name (First name)
  • Family name (Last name)
  • Home or work e-mail addresses
  • Personal or business website URLs
  • Organization
  • Country
  • Time zone
  • Internet (IP) address

This information is used by FormSmarts (and only by us) for the completion and support of the online form service.

2.5.2 Data collected when a registered user makes a payment

When paying for our products, the person making the payment provides their first and last name, email and address.

2.5.3 Data collected when a registered user is using the FormSmarts site

In order to maintain and monitor the security and performance of the service, we track the Internet (IP) address and location of connections to FormSmarts.

As part of their use of FormSmarts, members may add the name and email address of third parties to their account. FormSmarts only uses third-party emails for the operational needs of the service (to send form responses by email) and only does so after they have provided their agreement to such use by visiting a link in our verification email.

2.5.4 Email communications

This section outlines the types of email communications members may receive from FormSmarts and in which circumstances we may send such emails.

As part of the online form service provided by FormSmarts, most registered users choose to receive form entries by email.

FormSmarts sends account management emails: subscription renewal notices, email validation messages, password reset authorization requests, and other account management and security notifications.

We provide customer support by email, and may both reply to support request by email and contact customers proactively regarding issues with their account.

3. Cookies

Cookies are a technology which can be used to provide you with tailored information from a website. A cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it.

Our site makes use of cookies. Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • User identification (to identify registered users logged in to FormSmarts)
  • Pseudo-anonymous navigation analysis
  • Pseudo-anonymous decision-making
  • Research and development data collection

It is not technically possible for a registered member to use the service if they do not accept the cookie which identifies them to FormSmarts after they log in.

4. GDPR Compliance

As a service provider (data processor), FormSmarts stores and processes personal data of individuals in the European Union (EU) and is therefore subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). FormSmarts has a process in place to achieve compliance with GDPR.

FormSmarts relies on the cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide our service. Information about how AWS services comply with GDPR is available on their site.

FormSmarts customers may have personal data of individuals in the EU for which FormSmarts has responsibilities under GDPR. FormSmarts takes these responsibilities seriously, and will take action to protect the private data of individuals, and report breaches of these data, as required under GDPR.

As part of these efforts, FormSmarts provides information to help our customers understand how data is stored on FormSmarts, when collected data is stored and when it not, and for how long collected data is being retained on FormSmarts. We also provide tools to help clients comply with Right to Access and Right to Erasure requests from individuals whose personal data they collect via the FormSmarts platform.

Visitors with a question or request regarding GDPR compliance should contact us via the GDPR Inquiry Form.

5. Contacting FormSmarts About Privacy Issues

We invite you to contact FormSmarts Support for questions, concerns, and inquiries regarding the privacy of personal data stored on FormSmarts systems, including disputed use of data by a third party for which FormSmarts acts as a service provider. To report time-sensitive suspected abuse, please use the Report Abuse form.

Last updated on 2018-05-25