Create a form in minutes, publish it where you want, get form data the way you want.

We've created FormSmarts to simplify the way people make and use forms on the web.

FormSmarts allows businesses, institutions, web professionals and individual power users to outsource a critical component of their website to us at commodity cost, while boosting their web productivity.

Create forms in minutes with our interactive form builder, embed them on your site or use them right from FormSmarts. Change forms when you need on FormSmarts, and see the changes immediately on your website.

Reliability and Scalability

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, FormSmarts is built on a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure. We harness the power of utility computing, ubiquitous networking and modern software technology to offer you a better, cheaper, and more reliable service than any proprietary solution could provide you.

We believe the future is to widgetized websites, made from best-of-breed components from different service providers. We want to be your form hub. Don't waste your valuable time and money building a form processing infrastructure. Outsource forms on your website and intranet to us.

FormSmarts notable value added features include:
  • Easy-to-use, interactive form builder for push-button web form publishing
  • Built-in form validation and unobtrusive form spam protection
  • Embed forms to your site, or let visitors access them by URL on FormSmarts
  • Reliable, integrated web form platform built for universal usability and accessibility
  • Collect payments on your forms with FormSmarts' seamless PayPal integration
  • Forms submissions sent by email or stored & exported in Excel format
  • Forms displayed in the preferred language of the user
  • Forms adapt to mobile devices.

Who's Using FormSmarts?

Since 2007, people in over 160 countries trust FormSmarts to power online forms on their website. FormSmarts is already available in 28 languages.

Our users include:

  • businesses
  • commercial websites
  • cities and government agencies
  • online survey and web marketing professionals
  • insurance brokers
  • schools and universities
  • non-profits and charities
  • museums, theatres and orchestras
  • personal websites & blogs

What Are People Using FormSmarts for?

We found that many people use FormSmarts to add one of the following forms to their website:
  • feedback form
  • online survey
  • event registration form
  • order forms with integrated payment
  • newsletter signup form
  • customer/visitor satisfaction survey
  • course registration form
  • job application form
  • hotel booking form
  • research paper submission
  • wedding attendance registration