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Please complete the cat registration form, and select the date you would like to register for. A staff member will reach out to you to schedule your appointment after receiving your application. If we do not receive verbal confirmation you will not be put on the schedule. If your Cat is up to date on vaccinations please add the veterinarians contact information, as will need proof of any up to date rabies vaccines.

Owner Information

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Available Clinic Dates

If you do not see your desired location listed, it may be that we do not have that location available at this time. Clinic dates are listed as they are set up and removed once they are full. Please be aware we can only accept a set amount of males and females per clinic and those limitations will be noted above if applicable. Clinic is located in Conway, NH.
Desired pick-up Location / Date
CONWAY CLINICS : If you wish to drop off your cat our Conway Clinic, please select a date:

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Sex of Cat 

Previous Vaccinations

Hair Length 
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Has your cat had a Rabies Vaccination? 
If your cat already has an up to date rabies vaccination, please bring the rabies certificate with you for check in. We must be able to verify your cat is up to date by state law or your cat must recieve a rabies shot on the day of surgery.
Has your cat had a Distemper Vaccination? 
Does your cat go outside? 
Does your pet have contact with other pets that do go outside? 

Other Information

Could your cat possibly be pregnant now? 
Females: Has your cat had kittens?
For male cats: has your cat's testicles dropped?

Additional Services

Revolution (Flea Treatment, Earmites, Heartworm) 
Choose this if you wish to use our van transportation service to our Conway clinic 

Health History

Has your cat had previous surgery or medical conditions? if Yes please describe in the comments section. 

Pre-Surgical Instructions

Feeding Instructions:
Please do not feed your cat after midnight the night before surgery.
Your cat can have small amounts of water.
Kittens under 6 months can have a half teaspoon of food the morning of surgery.
We accept cash or credit/debit cards over the phone. Personal checks are not accepted
Additional Surgery Fees: May be incurred for specialized situations such as Pregnancy , Cryptorchid , Abdominal Cryptorchid determined at time of surgery by the Veterinarian

A Note From The Team

Prepayment Policy

Rozzie May Animal Alliance does require prepayment one week prior to the clinic date. Payment can be made by credit/debit card over the phone or cash in person at the clinic.

If you need to cancel or reschedule we ask for 3 full business days notice so we may fill the spot. If you are prepaid and cancel under this required time we keep $10 for a handling fee unless you reschedule.

If you are a non paid, no show we require full payment to reschedule.

Reminder Email

You will recieve a reminder email with all the pre-operation instructions 2 days prior to your appointment. Please read this email upon receipt and complete the steps in it. Once you fill out this application please call our office at 603-447-1373 to make your appointment and prepayment.

Consent for Treatment

I, the undersigned, being of legal age and responsible for the animal, have read and understand this entire page and have the authority to grant Rozzie May Animal Alliance (RMAA) and it's staff members, volunteers, and/or agents my consent to receive, transport, prescribe for, treat, and preform sterilization surgery (procedure), vaccinations, flea treatment on the animal named above and provide other related medical care
I understand that there are medical risks associated with the procedure, including, but not limited to infection, hemorrhage, allergic reaction, anesthetic drug reaction, anesthesia-induced cardiac compromise, and possible death. I understand that the doctor will perform a physical exam, but not perform a comprehensive cardiac exam, other diagnostic tests, or blood work prior to procedure. Furthermore, I authorize RMAA in an emergency situation, to follow through with such procedures as necessary for the wellbeing of my pet on a continuing basis until further communication with me. I will hold harmless Rozzie May Animal Alliance, its officers, directors, veterinarians, technicians, volunteers, and agents for any problems experienced by the animal as a result of the procedure or the unknown risk factors. I assume all risks.
The presence of a heart murmur can put my pet at an increased risk for anesthesia and
surgical complications. RMAA will perform surgery on animals with a slight heart
murmur at the attending doctor’s discretion. Surgery will not be performed on any
pet with a high grade heart murmur.
If in the course of treatment, a condition is discovered which requires medical attention or an additional procedure, such as hernia repair, the administration of IV fluids, the attending veterinarian may, in his/her absolute discretion, perform such procedure. I consent to these procedures and agree to pay reasonable additional charges if any.
I further understand that as long as, in the opinion of the attending veterinarian, the animal is an acceptable surgical candidate, sterilization procedures will be performed. I understand that the attending doctor can refuse to perform any procedure on any animal for any reason.
If my pet is pregnant, RMAA may still spay her at the veterinarian's discretion, terminate the pregnancy, and dispose of any content of fetal sacs.
I agree that RMAA is not responsible for any further treatment, after care, or emergencies beyond today’s described procedures. I agree that I will be financially responsible for any post-operative medical treatment relating to this procedure or any unrelated medical problems of my animal.