District of Columbia Limited Occupational License

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Drivers licensed in the District of Columbia may submit a request to DC DMV for a Limited Occupational License (LOL) following the suspension or revocation of their license. Please provide a letter from your employer, on company stationery or letterhead, addressed to Adjudication Services, certifying your need to have a driver license to maintain your livelihood

Requests to drive that exceed five (5) days per week and eight (8) hours per day will not be approved. You must
live in the District of Columbia to be given consideration for a Limited Occupational License from the DC DMV.
You may provide your application in person or by mail to DC DMV, Adjudication Services, 301 C Street, N.W., Room 1157, Washington, DC 20001. A hearing examiner will review the information presented and make a decision based on applicable District of Columbia traffic laws and regulations. You will be notified in writing of the examiner’s decision within five (5) business days of your submission.
If you are granted a Limited Occupational License, you must pay two separate fees:

*Reinstatement fee, plus a License (renewal) fee or License (duplicate) fee

Please click the link below for Fee information:

License Fees
PLEASE NOTE: *Limited occupational licenses cannot be issued for mandatory revocations as defined by Title 18 DCMR Section 302 or to commercial driver license holders. If your license is revoked or has expired, the $44 renewal fee is assessed; otherwise the $7 duplicate fee is assessed. The operation of a vehicle outside the timelines authorized by the LOL will mean that you are operating after suspension or revocation and may result in your arrest and/or payment of a fine up to $1,000.