IMZA Report of Birth Application

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Please make sure you include membership numbers for breeder and buyers. If you do not know it, please look it up in the herd book. USE THIS FORM FOR REPORTING BIRTH ON ALL ZEBU. If Sire or Dam are over the age of 3 years old, permanent registration must be completed BEFORE the calf can be registered. Please enter now and for Registration number put in "Pending".


Breeder Information: The Breeder is the person that owned the dam at the time of service

Original Owner Information: (the person that owned the dam at the time the calf is born)

I certify the above is a true and correct statement, and I desire to have the same recorded in the records of the International Miniature Zebu Association. In consideration of which, I agree to abide and be bound by the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and Rules and Regulations of the Association and amendments, thereto.

Are you entering a Transfer right after this?