IMZA Hardship Application

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Animals must be 24 months or older to complete this form. Animals if approved will be appearance certified upon approval.

What are you Hardshipping? 
NOTE: Animals must be at least 24 months of age at the time of Hardship application. If you do not have a date of birth, it must be estimated by checking with the breeder, former owner, your veterinarian or someone experienced in mouthing bovine to read the teeth for approximate age.
Below write a sequence of events of how and when you acquired this animal. Include any breeder information or former owners. Include any information you have on the sire and dam. If you know the sire's and dam's pedigrees, you may list that information later on in this application.*
If a female - is this female open, bred, or does she have any progeny also un-registered. 
If a female - has she been bred to an unknown bull or an IMZA Registered bull? 
Both testicles descended in bulls over 2 years: 
Reproductive abnormalities found in either sex: 
Animal in balance with correct proportion of leg and neck to back and body: 
Back in correct proportion, level, or slightly dipped: 
Legs straight when viewed from the front left side, right side, and the rear: 
Ears pointed, non-pendulous or even held upright: 
Dewlap moderately developed, free of fleshiness with folds: 
Sheath tight in bulls 
Please fill in all known pedigree information below:
Include four (4) current photos of the animal - one of the front (be sure it clearly shows the head), rear, left side, and right side. 1Mb maximum per photo.
I certify the above is a true and correct statement, and I desire to have the same recorded in the records of the International Miniature Zebu Association. In consideration of which, I agree to abide and be bound by the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and Rules and Regulations of the Association and amendments, thereto.
DO NOT email any DNA test results along with this application to the IMZA Registrar.
Please follow the IMZA DNA Submission Guidelines found here,