IMZA Board of Directors Application

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Our Bylaws provide for a number of qualifications in order to serve as a Director of the International Miniature Zebu Association.

In addition, if you apply and are elected by the members to serve on the IMZA BOD, you will be committing to serve a 3 year term. This is a volunteer position, and no financial compensation is provided. BOD members are expected to serve on at least one standing committee, participate in email discussions, attend regular conference calls either by phone or online video, and attend in person, the once per year annual meeting currently being held in Macon, MO. BOD members are expected to be active participants in IMZA discussions & activities, work on issues and certain managerial tasks relating to the business of the Association as determined by the BOD, be available to receive and respond to phone calls & emails from members, and never use their BOD position to in any way influence or gain advantage when buying or selling cattle. BOD members should be thoughtful and respectful in their communications with others via web, email, and social media, paying special attention to never publicly disparage other people, cattle or organizations. It should be understood that at all times an elected BOD member is representing the image and goodwill of the IMZA and should represent the Association honorably in words and actions.

Applications must be received between December 1st and January 15th.
Our ByLaws provide for a number of qualifications in order to serve as a Director of IMZA. Please look at these items closely and verify your answers before forwarding them to the IMZA office.
1) My IMZA Membership dues have been paid for the year the election will be held: 
Membership dues being paid the year of the election does not qualify for the 3 year requirement.
2) I have been a member of IMZA for 3 continuous years or more: 
An Active Member and Breeder in IMZA must have raised and registered with IMZA at least one calf in each of two years during the three (3) years preceding his or her election/reelection.
3) Are you an active breeder of IMZA Miniature Zebu Cattle? 
4) Have you ever been convicted of a felony? 
5) Do you hold any office or position of authority in any other Miniature Zebu Registry or in any association or organization engaged in the practice of registering Miniature Zebu Cattle? 
6) Are you able to attend the annual meeting in April in Macon, MO? 
Please provide a brief introduction/biography of yourself to accompany the election ballots. Be certain to let us all know some of your reasons for wanting to represent the Association on the Board of Directors, why and/or how you began raising mini zebu, what goals you might have for the future of the Miniature Zebu breed and for the Association and how you hope to help those goals come about.

Please submit a separate document for your introduction/biography by email to .