Reclassification Application

Step 1 of 3: Submit

Complete this application if your Miniature Zebu has a classification of IMZA Appearance Certified ( H ) that qualifies to be upgraded to a higher classification of Appearance Certified (H) or IMZA Foundation Pure ( T or Z ). Both the Sire and the Dam MUST be Fully Registered with the correct classification before you submit this application.

YOU MUST be Recorded as the IMZA Registered Owner of the Zebu to be eligible to apply for a Reclassification. If you are not the IMZA Registered Owner, YOU MUST Complete a Transfer of Ownership before you Submit this Application. Non Members are not permitted to submit a Reclassification Application.
All fees associated with the upgrading of any ancestors prior to submitting a Reclassification Application is the sole responsibility of the Applicant, this may include, but is not limited to, Reports of Birth, Adult Registrations, and other Reclassifications. The Burden of Proof lies with the Applicant and not with the IMZA