DISTRICT GRANT CERTIFICATION - Memorandum of Understanding

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Step 2A of the District Grant Process. You have read the Grant Overview and have submitted the Grant Certification Quiz. To finish your certification process. please read the below document and sign and submit. Your signature will be electronically submitted. Should you have questions contact Dan Balfe via email at rotary5130grants@gmail.com or 707-494-4602. DEADLINE IS AUGUST 1, 2020

1.Club Officer Responsibilities. The club officers hold primary responsibility for club certification and the proper implementation of TRF grants, including district grants funded in part by the use of District Designated Funds (DDF) from TRF. Club officer responsibilities include ensuring that all grants adhere to stewardship measures and proper grant management practices and that all individuals involved in a grant conduct their activities in a way that avoids any actual or perceived conflict of interest.

2.Certification Training. In order to apply for a district grant in a particular Rotary year, both the president for that year and the club member listed as the primary contact on the grant application must have participated in grant overview training provided by the district (which you just did by reading the District Grant Overview and completing the District Grant Certification Quiz). In the event the club president is also the primary contact on the grant, the secondary contact on the grant must also complete the grant overview training as noted above

3.District Grant Applications. In applying for a district grant, the club agrees to use the application form provided by the district in the current Rotary year, and to comply with all requirements and restrictions set out in that form and its appendices. The District Grant is between D5130 and its member clubs only. If the project will be implemented by a host club or group in another county, the D5130 club is solely responsible for the District Grant project and should ensure the other participants also comply with these requirements and restrictions.

4. Payment, Reports and Recordkeeping. District Grants will be approved shortly after the application deadline, but matching grant funds will be disbursed only on a reimbursement basis once the approved project has been completed and the Final Report has been accepted as complete. Detailed records of disbursements, backed up by invoices, receipts and bank records, will be maintained. As required by the district grant application, these records will be submitted with the final report. The club agrees to submit all reports on a timely basis, and understands that failure to do so will bar the club from applying for any further grants for a two-year period.

Authorization and Agreement

Date: Wednesday, 30 September 2020 (EDT)
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