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Please fill out this form to request the Rainbow Girls of MA to perform the special Heritage Degree for your Lodge.

The Heritage degree was created to allow Rainbow Girls to explain Masonic history and how the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is similar to our founding Masonic orders. Part 1 explains Masonry in history and how it shaped our country. Part 2 explains how Rainbow and Masonry are linked in symbols and lessons.

Our Heritage Degree team is focused on performing this special degree throughout the state, bringing awareness to Rainbow as well as displaying our beautiful ritual and floorwork. Masonic lodges are encouraged to host this degree, as it shares the knowledge of an organization created in the Masonic image.

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Event Booking

As a team, we ask that Masonic host lodges book the degree work 2 months in advance. This allows time to have the team RSVP their availability.

If your lodge meeting falls on a school night, securing the team becomes more challenging, unless the date occurs on a school vacation. We will do our best to accommodate -such is a reason to book two months in advance. We will confirm a month prior if we are able to assemble the team.

Please confirm your understanding of these instructions necessary for hosting the Heritage Degree:

There can be NO alcohol served at the time that Rainbow Girls are present in the building. 
The Rainbow Girls must have an enclosed room to change into their gowns. 

Contact Information

Susan A. Torrey, Supreme Deputy in MA IORG

You may also reach out to any local Masonic Youth Liaison.