Morganwood Camper Registration Form

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Please complete a separate form for each camper.

Camper Information

Medical Information

Please bring or send a copy of your insurance card with the camper on the day of check in.
Sunscreen Responsibility:
If (Camper) is chosen, the camper will keep their sunscreen and apply as needed.
If (Staff) is chosen, the camper's sunscreen will be locked in the first aid office and guided through application by the first aid staff per parental instruction as written on the medication dispensing form at check-in.

Emergency Contact Information

Who Else Can Pick The Camper Up From Camp?

Names of people other than the Parent/Guardian listed on the Emergency Contact, Pastor, or youth pastor listed above who are authorized to pick up the child from camp. Please list at least one person. If more than three, please include in notes to staff.

Are There any Siblings Attending the SAME WEEK of Camp?

Camp Rules Acknowledgment

I have read the camp rules at
As I come to this Christian youth camp, I am willing to cooperate in the planned activities of the camp. I will be respectful to the staff. I agree abide by all camp rules and the dress code. It understand that if I become a discipline problem beyond the staff’s ability or desire to handle, my parent/guardian(s) or pastor will be called to
pick me up.

Parental Consent

I give my consent to a preliminary health assessment as required by the Mississippi State Department of Health. I also understand that in the event medical treatment is required for my child, every effort will be made to contact
me. However, if I cannot be reached, I grant permission to Morganwood staff to secure the services of a licensed physician of their choice to provide care necessary for my child’s well-being. I authorize all emergency medical and
surgical treatment, X-ray, laboratory, anesthesia, and other medical and/or hospital procedures as may be performed or prescribed by the attending physician and/or paramedics for my child and waive my right to informed consent of treatment in the event that I cannot be reached. I also give permission for my child to be transported off camp grounds for camp sponsored off-site activities. I also give permission for my child’s pictures or images to be included in publicity, publications, video promotions and the Morganwood website(s).

Payment Info

Camp Dates:
Completed Grades 7-12 June 4-9, 2023
Completed Grades 4-6 June 11-16, 2023
Completed Grades 1-3 June 18-21, 2023
Completed Pre-K June 22, 2023
The First child from a household pays the full amount. There is a $5.00 discount for the second child from the same household and a $10.00 discount for each additional child from the same household.
A snack shop is available for campers, allowing them the opportunity to purchase drinks, snacks, & souvenir items.
campers do not carry cash on their person during our camps in June, and cash is not accepted at the snack shop . A snack shop card is issued at check-in. Any money left on the card at the end of camp will be refunded at check-out. Those in Adventurer Camp do not need any funds for the snack shop.

Insurance Card