Transfer of Ownership Application

Step 1 of 3: Submit

This Application is to be completed and submitted by the Registered Owner/ Seller and submitted to the IMZA. Transfers are to be completed within 60 days of the sale. If a Heifer or Cow is being sold as bred or exposed, the Seller will also complete a Breeders Certificate and submit it at the same time as this Transfer application. If the Miniature Zebu has reached 3 years of age, the Permanent Adult Registration must be completed before the Transfer of Ownership application is submitted.

The Status of the Applicants Membership Determines the Fee.
A Member Submitted Transfer to a Member or a Non-Member is $10.00.
A Non-Member Submitted Transfer to a Member or a Non-Member is $20.00.
A Steer Transfer Submitted by either a Member or a Non-Member is $10.00.
IDENTIFICATION : Please select all forms of ID that now apply for this Miniature Zebu and enter all information accurately.
I certify the above information is true and correct. I desire to have this information submitted into the records of the International Miniature Zebu Association. In consideration of which, I agree to abide and be bound by the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and Rules and Regulations of the Association and amendments, thereto.