Level 2: BreakThrew Fastpitch Video-Based Pitcher's Training Program

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The Video-Based Pitcher's Training Program Level 2 is for pitchers that are unable to participate in my IN-PERSON training program due to distance from lesson sites AND have COMPLETED THE LEVEL 1 PROGRAM. Pitchers that register for this program MUST BE GREATER THAN 100 miles from ANY in-person lesson site. This 5-month, video-based program, is open to pitchers in 3rd grade and older, with the desire to improve their physical and mental skills AND with the willingness to PRACTICE at home!

Application Instructions

Below is the application for the Level 2 VIDEO-BASED PITCHER'S TRAINING program. The application deadline is September 23rd, 2019.

The program will begin OCTOBER 28th and run through MARCH 15th.

Make sure to include a cell phone & e-mail address that you check on a regular basis, as this is how I will be contacting you throughout the program.

Cost of the Program

The Video-Based Pitcher's Training Program LEVEL 2 is built on the, "Myndie Berka's Pitching Workouts" DVD/Instant Download sold through Championship Productions. You MUST purchase these DVD's or Instant Download SEPARATELY to get the "lessons" in this program. *Order them on my website under the "shop" link on my website. The cost of this 2-disc series is $69.99. You will also need the jump rope, spinner and arm-pro bands you used during the Level 1 program. OPTIONAL equipment, and how to get it, will be listed in the training manual.

By submitting this registration form and payment, your daughter will receive the rest of the content of the program. This includes:

1. The "Video-Based Training Program Manual - Level 2" which includes:
- 20 unique weekly workouts based on the video series (off-season, pre-season and in-season workouts included)
- Practice log to record workouts during the program
- Monthly handouts/homework on a variety of topics around mentality, including areas like: goal setting; self-talk; pre-pitch & adversity routines; understanding when you are getting off-track; understanding the colors of the zone and how to use effective velocity; how to figure out your true strengths and ways to evaluate yourself during practice/games.
2. ONE Dartfish Voice-Over Video Analysis Sessions (submitted at the start of the program) by Myndie Berka
3. Monthly practice log checks/communication to help keep pitchers accountable for doing the WORK
4. BreakThrew Fastpitch t-shirt and backpack

The cost of this part of the program (excluding the BTF DVDs or Instant Download/Spinner/Arm-Pro bands ) is $200. Complete your registration by submitting payment below.

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Date: Tuesday, 17 September 2019 (EDT)
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Now that you have completed this form, make sure to follow the link to submit your payment as prompted. If you don't submit payment, your form will NOT be sent to me (even though it says "form submitted successfully") and you will have to complete the entire form all over again!