Auction Sale Notification

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This notice DOES NOT constitute a Transfer of Ownership or serve as an authorization of a Transfer of Ownership from the breeder/seller to the buyer or current person in possession of the animal. This form shall only be used as notification to the registrar of an IMZA registered animal after the animal(s) were sold at an Auction Sale. The receipt/copy of this notice shall not be used as any other form of official IMZA documentation other than intended. There is NO FEE applied.

The letter "A" will be added to the end of the IMZA registration number and will only remove the animal(s) from the current owner/seller's IMZA personal herd book and not remove them as the current owner. Only if a properly completed Auction Transfer Authorization form and Transfer of Ownership Application is submitted on an animal identified in the registry with the letter "A" by the buyer or the current owner in possession will the ownership in the registry change. The buyer or current owner in possession will assume all fees associated with all transactions after this notice is properly submitted and approved.
Please List the Cattle you have Sold at Auction
No Registration Certificate(s) will be issued for this transaction. If you have more than 6 head, please use another form.
I'm submitting this form under good faith and certify that all information is true and accurate.
Intentional misuse of this form may result in, but not limited to, suspension or revocation of membership and/or registration privileges as determined by the IMZA BOD.