Our next schedule of preparation training sessions are going ahead. Our preparation sessions are recommended for all students training towards black belt. It is compulsory for brown belts to attend additional sessions in both Kata and Kumite in preparation for gradings. There is still some uncertainty about which events will go ahead in 2021, we are definitely moving in the right direction.

Kumite and Kata sessions taking place in May, June and July 2021.

Dates are as follows:

Kumite 12-3:00pm
Sunday 23rd May (Rayleigh) TAKEN PLACE **
Sunday 27th June (Chingford)
Sunday 18th July (Rayleigh)

Kata* 3-6:00pm
Saturday 15th May (Rayleigh) TAKEN PLACE
Saturday 12th June (Chingford)
Saturday 10th July (Rayleigh)*