Error Correction Request

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Complete this Form to Request the Correction of a Clerical or Typographical Error Found on an Animal's Registration or on any of your Personal Information as it's Currently Recorded in the IMZA Registry.

This Request Form DOES NOT Permit you to Change or Replace an Existing Breeder, Owner, Pedigree, Progeny or Other Information on a Registered Animal.
Please Email the IMZA Board of Directors @ if this is your Request.

IMZA Rule: 7.
When a certificate of any kind is received from the IMZA, it should be immediately checked to determine if correct. If an error is discovered or a change of certificate classification found necessary, you should notify the IMZA as soon as possible for correction. Any alterations to the official certificate, except by the IMZA, shall invalidate the certificate. Errors made by the IMZA will be corrected free of charge, but if made by the breeder or owner, an applicable fee applies. Please contact the registrar for further assistance,

If the IMZA is at fault for the error, we will promptly issue you a refund of the selected fee.