HCGS Paid Researchers Listing - New/Renew/Modify

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Complete the following online form for electronic submittal and fee payment via PayPal for a new listing, to renew your listing (annually), or to modify your listing in the HCGS Paid Researchers List. Please turn off your popup blocker (allow popups) so that the form works properly.

The Paid Researchers list appears on the Research Services page of the HCGS website.
You must be a member of HCGS to get on the list. This ad is not for research all over the USA or the world but should be directed to Hamilton County, OH or the surrounding counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana OR to provide a service such as translating German or Latin, etc. Agreements are made between the paid researcher and the client. HCGS is not responsible for any services provided by the researcher. Contact details and description of services are the responsibility of the researcher. If you have any questions please send an email to president@hcgsohio.org.
The Paid Researcher listing is for one calendar year, although you can join at any time (sorry, no proration for partial year). The listing fee is payable by January 1 and delinquent on February 28. A reminder for renewal of listings in the Paid Researchers list will be emailed in early January of each calendar year.
NOTE: For a New listing please complete the fields for contact details and description of services. For a Renewal or Modification of a listing enter only the data that needs to be changed in the listing. Thanks!
Your name can include any post-nominal letters you may use, such as CG.
You can have up to 40 words to describe your services and qualifications or why someone would like to hire you.