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Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops and Events

Tuesday Workshop: ETD 205 Empathy/Productive Failure in Engineering and Other Technical Areas
Facilitators: Dr. Johannes Strobel & Dr. Angela van Barneveld, 2:00 - 4:00 pm (ticketed event) .

Description: Empathy - or standing in somebody else's shoes - has been identified as a core competency across industries including engineering and other technical disciplines. For example, higher levels of empathy are associated with higher levels of success etc. Another core competency is how to productively work with failure. In engineering and other technical fields, we tell ourselves that failure is inevitable and necessary for innovation. However, experiencing failure in something few of us learn to embrace. Both competencies can be practiced. This 2-hour workshop is highly interactive, alternating between group activities, personal reflections and infusions from existing research on empathy in engineering and productive failure. The facilitators of this workshop are highly experienced training providers, certified empathy and failure trainers and engineering education researchers with years of industry experience and an active research agenda on empathy in engineering.
ETD 205 Empathy/Productive Failure in Engineering and Other Technical Areas, 2:00 - 4:00 pm, (ticketed event)
Tuesday Workshop: ETD 215 Leveraging User Experience Mapping to Solve Problems More Effectively.
Facilitators: Megan DeGuglielmo and Melissa Symanski, SIMPSON GUMPERTZ & HEGER, 1:00 - 3:00 pm (ticketed event) .

Description: User Experience (UX) mapping, sometimes called Employee Experience (EX) or Customer Experience (CX), is a way to generate ideas and solve problems by (1) mapping the current state, (2) identifying the bright spots and pain points, (3) generating ideas to improve the bright spots and pain points, and (4) presenting recommendations for the future state. User Experience mapping can be used across industries to better understand your stakeholders and partner with them to improve their experience. This interactive workshop provides participants with a framework and templates for how to run mapping sessions with their stakeholders.
ETD 215 Leveraging User Experience Mapping to Solve Problems More Effectively
Tuesday Networking Dinner: CIEC 211 - Explore Engineering in Charleston Museum Networking Dinner (ticketed event), 6:00 – 9:30 pm including transportation time, (ticketed event).
Spend the evening learning about Charleston’s fascinating history while networking with your colleagues. Take a self-guided tour of the Charleston Museum and try your luck in the engineering-themed scavenger hunt! This event includes catered dinner, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and private bus transportation to and from the museum.
Limited to 50 people. Registrations accepted until capacity is reached.
CIEC 211 - Charleston Museum Networking Dinner (ticketed event)
Friday Workshop: CIEC 501 Corporate Networking Practicum and Luther Epting Golf Scramble, includes lunch, green fees, cart, clubs and transportation, if needed, 7:00 am - 2:00 pm (ticketed event)
Friday Workshop: CEED 512 Employer Site Visit (time and details TBD).**
Attendance limited to 25 people. Registrations accepted until capacity is reached (ticketed event)

CEED is offering attendees a chance at a behind the scenes tour of the Boeing facilities, information on internship/co-op and career opportunities and an insight Boeing’s impact on industry in South Carolina and across the globe. Private transportation to and from the event is included.
CEED 512: Employer Site Visit

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Companion Registration