2022-23 In-Person Training: OPTION 2

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What Is Included:

Pitchers participating in In-Person Training: OPTION 2 will receive:

18-hours of in-person instruction by BreakThrew Fastpitch Owner, Myndie Berka and her staff

Practice Journal

Downloadable Workouts that BUILD on each other

Competitive Mindset Assignments

A convenient app to access workouts/assignments

Backpack & Jump Rope

Total Cost: $600

Registration closes 9/30 OR when classes fill!

Training Options

1 Weekend Clinic (2 days, 12-hours) + 1 Sunday Clinic (1-day, 6-hours)
Each clinic will include pitching skill development AND mindset discussion

Available in:
Des Moines, IA
Spring Hill, TN
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Athlete Waiver/Release Form

Date: Sunday, 4 December 2022 (EST)
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The total cost of In-Person Training "Option 2" is $600 ($550 if enrolling multiple daughters).

A $200 deposit will be retained in the event your daughter is given a class time, the class time is accepted, and she fails to attend. If your daughter does not get an assigned class, OR if you decline the class time offered, you will receive a complete refund.

You will be directed to pay through PayPal or a credit/debit card when you submit this form. You will have 2 options on how to pay for the program:
  1. Pay the entire $600 ($550 if enrolling multiple daughters) now
  1. Pay deposit of $200 ($150 if enrolling multiple daughters) now and make THREE payments via PayPal/CC.
A $20 processing fee will be included if you choose the multiple payment option making each payment $140

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