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What is a karate licence?
Your child's karate licence is their martial artist insurance and is valid for one year.

Your child's karate licence is compulsory and all students are required to hold a karate licence in order to practice martial arts.

Your child's karate licence is also required to allow students to take part in gradings to progress to their next colour belt.
Medical Condition
If you feel you have any medical condition that may affect your training, it is your responsibility to consult your doctor and you must inform your instructor BEFORE undertaking any exercise.

Club Membership Terms & Conditions
Do you agree to all of the following membership rules?

Declaration (Parent /Guardian to sign if applicant under 18 years)

1.) It is my responsibility to ensure that i have an up to date licence.
2.) I do not have any medical conditions that would prevent me from taking part in strenuous exercise.
3.) I have never been convicted of a violent crime
4.) I accept that practising a Martial Art, may involve a risk of injury.
5.) I consent to the use of photography for promotional purposes (eg. JHKA & FKA websites)
6.) Should any classes stop running due to a pandemic or similar situation, you agree to continue your training using the online training platform which will be organised by Chief Instructor temporarily until normal classes resume.

Do you consent to the T&C above?