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Please note that applications are now closed for film. You can however put your name on a waiting list, if any spaces come available they will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please email the following information to katherine@yifm.com

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Important Information, Please read before submitting form.

Please note that we use onsite accommodation at Kilkenny College for the young people attending the NYFAS. The accommodation is divided into female dorms and male dorms only. If we have a non-binary or transgender young person or persons in attendance, they will be designated accommodation according to their gender assigned at birth. If your young person is transgender or non binary please discuss the accommodation with them before registering.
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Medical Conditions - Additional Needs - Behaviours that may challenge

Additional Needs and Behaviours that Challenge
While YIFM aim to be as inclusive as possible and work with many different young people on our programmes, we are not in a position to provide one to one or high support needs for any young person as we do not have SNA’s on staff.

If your young person requires a high level of support or one to one support, we will not be in a position to provide the environment that they need. Please consider the above before putting your young person forward for the programme.

All young people will need the ability to work and feel comfortable in a group setting, and take / follow instruction. It is a busy, noisy environment, with lots of light and sound changes throughout the day. This may prove over stimulating for some young people.

*** Please note that any information that you give us regarding medical conditions, additional needs or behaviours that may challenge is treated as strictly confidential.
We ask these questions to ensure the best experience for your young person in a group setting and key staff are made aware of the needs of your young person.
Does your young person require personal medication on site with them during the camp. 

Dietary Requirements

Important information, please read before submitting form.

Regarding dietary requirements, we use the canteen at Kilkenny College for all meals. If your young person is vegan, vegetarian or if they have food allergies please specify in the dietary requirements section. Your young person can of course bring snacks with them to the NYFAS this may be useful for young people who are picky eaters.
Dietary Requirement 

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Terms and Conditions

Please note that by submitting your acceptance you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.
Visual Release: As part of any event at NYFAS, we take photos and video footage of young people during activities for our archive and promotional materials. There is no fee for the use of any image and copyright belongs to Young Irish Film Makers.

Medical Release: In the unlikely event of an accident or sudden illness while with us and also as part of our safety policy, your permission is needed for our staff to carry out the appropriate treatment to deal with the situation.

Payment Policy the full cost of the NYFAS is €750 you can pay this in full or you can pay a non refundable deposit. Final payment must be made no later than the 31st of May failure to do so will result in your young person losing their place. When you submit this form, you will receive a payment link to pay your deposit or pay in full. You will receive this link within one week of submitting your form. Please note that your young persons place will not be secured until deposit has been received.

Refund Policy: Deposit payment of €150 is non refundable. No refunds shall be given after the 31st of May.

By filling out the details in the acceptance form you are granting such permission. If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact us directly Tel: 056 7764677 Email: veronica@yifm.com

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