2-Day All-Inclusive Summer Pitching School

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Let us help your pitcher improve her physical skills, competitive mindset AND confidence this summer! Please complete this form, then submit your on-line registration and payment to secure your spot in this unique training experience! Catchers are NOT needed for the All-Inclusive Pitching School!

Open to any and all pitchers in 3rd-12th grades (fall 2024 grades)

Summer School Location:
Sports Iowa
2176 232 Ln
Ames, IA 50014

Dates: July 30th & 31st

Daily Schedule:
Lunch (on your own)

Lead Instructor:
Pitching: Myndie Berka, BreakThrew Fastpitch Founder

Additional Staff at Summer School includes:
BreakThrew Fastpitch alumni and current college players

Each pitcher attending will receive:
  1. 12-hours of instruction (6-hours each day)
  2. Physical skill development
  3. Mindset classroom sessions
  4. Camp T-shirt
  5. Camp Notebook

What We Will Cover

We will cover:
  1. Mechanics
  2. Speed/power development
  3. Controlling the ball/targets
  4. Change-ups and off-speed pitches
  5. Movement Spins
  6. Competitive practice drills/games
  7. Growth Mindset & Failure = Opportunity
  8. Establishing Routines
  9. Competing with confidence
  10. Goal Setting and Journaling
  11. Pitcher/Catcher Communication
  12. Setting up Hitters
  13. Non-Verbal Communication/Body Language
  14. Q&A session about college softball

Each day will include different skill development drills, competitive development games, and mentality sessions.

There will also be a Q&A session for PARENTS for 15 minutes at the end of Day 2!

Who Should Attend Summer School?

Summer School is open to any and all pitchers, ages 8-18, who want to improve their physical skills, competitive mindset AND confidence!

Athletes will be put into small groups with others of a similar age and/or skill level so that instruction can be provided for pitchers that are beginners, intermediate or advanced!

The athlete to instructor ratio will be 8/1 or lower so that each pitcher will get feedback specific to her needs from coaches during camp!


Athlete Information

No refunds will be given once payment is made/confirmed in camp. If something causes you to be unable to attend, you will be given a credit to use towards another training opportunity with BreakThrew Fastpitch.
An email with specific details on what to bring, directions to the training location, check-in time and other relevant information will be sent 7-10 days prior to the session you are registered to attend.
We are VERY excited to get to be a part of your daughter's training this summer. I'll be in touch with more information soon!

Myndie Berka
BreakThrew Fastpitch Owner/Instructor