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Our membership year is June 1 through May 31.

We offer four membership levels: Individual, Family(of 2), Youth(under age 18), and Life Member(1 person)

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Genealogist's Code of Ethics

Our members are expected to abide by the following Code of Ethics. Application for membership indicates agreement. In order to protect the integrity of public records and library books, I am ethically bound and hereby agree that:

1. I will treat with the greatest care and respect all public records and library books that may be made available to me.

2. I will speak with courtesy to all employees of a vital records office, or of a public library, when requesting to see any record or book, and when finished with such record or book I shall express my thanks to the person attending to my request.

3. I will not tear, erase, mark, or remove any public record or library book, and will refrain from mutilating, defacing, or otherwise destroying any part of such record or book.

4. When I have finished viewing any public record or library book I will return it to the proper or designated place.

Seasonal Address

Are you a Snow Bird? Maybe even a Sun Bird? We will be happy to send your mail to an alternate address during the time you are away. Because we use a Bulk Mailing permit, this mail is otherwise destroyed by the post office, not forwarded.

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