Your FormSmarts account and associated forms may have been suspended for a number of reasons. Unless we were unable to reach you, the specific reason that led to the suspension should be specified in the email notice we sent you.

Paying Customers

Your FormSmarts subscription has expired. Please renew it now to reactivate your forms immediately. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance or have any questions.

Free Service Users

Missing or Hidden Attribution Notice

Your account and associated online forms may have been suspended because you have removed, modified or hidden the mandatory attribution notice that should appear at the bottom of all forms. To reactivate your forms without having to show the attribution noticed on your site, please upgrade to a paid account. Your forms will be restored immediately as part of the upgrade.

Alternatively, log in to the form builder to get a fresh copy of the HTML code snippet and update your site. Make sure the attribution notice is clearly visible and located right below each form. Once you have updated your site, contact FormSmarts on Twitter or Facebook to ask for your account to be reinstated.

Invalid Email Address

Your forms may have been suspended because the email address on your account is persistently bouncing emails from FormSmarts. Update both your login email and forms with a valid email address, then contact us on Twitter or Facebook so we reactivate your account.

Other Reasons

Your forms may have been suspended because of a policy violation. The suspension notice we emailed you should provide the reason for the suspension. To reactivate your forms, upgrade your account.